Paul Bruins

About Paul Bruins Photography

My interest in photography was sparked at an early age while completing a school project of building a pin-hole camera and developing and printing the results in a homemade darkroom.  From then on, photography has remained an integral part of my life.  Despite qualifying as a civil engineer, my passion for this creative art has meant I am seldom without my camera, and my love for nature and the outdoors has cumulated in my extensive skills as an architectural and fine-art landscape photographer.

I offer a portfolio of options for individual art lovers, interior decorators and designers, with a variety of choices to complete their interior decorated rooms, whether at home or for clients.

Aside from capturing beautiful and interesting landscapes and architecture, I also offer workshops and private tuition.  With my varied experience, I am able to offer training to suit both beginners and more advanced, amateur photographers.

My keen interest in architecture has resulted in a specialist offering in hotel, B&B and guesthouse photography that has seen me capture the individual beauty of many establishments, both locally and internationally.

Do you have a specific subject or location that you would like photographed in a very specific way?  How about your priceless collection of paintings, your Ferrari, your beautifully restored Cape Dutch home, or your carefully tended rose-garden, vineyard or farm?  Anything is possible.  Contact me for more details on commissioned work.

Although I own a variety of different format film cameras, I mostly use the following equipment: Nikon 800, Nikon D300, Sony Alpha 100, Nikkor 14-24mm lens, Nikkor 70-300 lens, Nikkor 50mm lens, Sigma 10-20mm ultra-wide lens, Sigma 18-200mm VR zoom lens, Sigma 105mm macro lens, Manfrotto tripod and head, Manfrotto panoramic tripod head, Manfrotto monopod, Tamron and Lowepro camera-bags